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Easy to Germany?

We support people from abroad

Easy to Germany provide you useful informations and special offers to start your life in Germany such as about Health insurance, how to make a bank account, Internet service, Visa, etc.

Special offers for all

It is really difficult for people who does not speak German to apply for services like health insurance since there is no website in your native language.

Most of services companies has only websites in German. You may lose chances to receive better and cheaper offers if you do not speak German well. However, if you apply for services through Easy to Germany, you will receive any chances to have better offers. Easy to Germany make your life better and easier even though you do not speak German very well.

We support people who has already been living in Germany

We also support who has already been living in Germany. If you consider to change your health insurance, internet provider, bank account and more, we will provide you perfect offers. Please feel free to ask us about better services to make your life easier in Germany.

Let's start new life in Germany

Happy people in berlin

Germany is well known for accepting the most immigrants in the world.
The total number of migrants is decreasing year by year compared to 2013-2018 when refugees came.
Nevertheless, the German population is still growing due to immigration.

According to first estimates of the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis), approximately 200,000 more people were living in Germany at the end of 2019 than a year earlier. Standing at 83.2 million, the country’s population reached another record high. 

Federal Statistical Office

We offer many special offers for you to start a new healthy and comfortable life in Germany, so please feel free to use our services.

Tips for new life in Germany
  1. Finding health insurance in Germany
  2. Visa Application
  3. Search for your apartment in Germany
  4. Apply for Electricity and Gas, Internet
  5. Universities and tuition in Germany
  6. Language schools in Germany

How to find health insurance in Germany

The first thing you need to start for a new life in Germany is to find health insurance.
Many people may think that the first thing to do is get a visa, but in fact you cannot apply for a visa unless you have the appropriate health insurance.

Therefore, choosing a right health insurance is the first step in starting a new life in Germany.

German law states that all German citizens and citizens living in Germany must have health insurance.

The type of health insurance you can apply for depends on your purpose to stay in Germany and age.
Please refer to the following page to select your health insurance.

Visa application in Germany

Let's start to prepare for Visa application after you found right health insurance.
Germany is geat country to live, however getting a visa is complicated and difficult.

However, if you refer to the information on this website and collect the necessary documents, you can apply for a visa without fail.

Easy to Germany offers a service that allows you to apply for a visa application form and health insurance at the same time.

Search for your apartment in Germany

Finding your apartment in Germany is actually very difficult.
In an increasingly populated urban area, competition is high, and even if you have enough money to rent, you often can't find a home.

Many people living in Germany share one apartment.
Room share and flat share are called "Wohngemeinschaft" in German, and is called 'WG' for short.

How to find a shared flat

There is a website called WG-Gesucht, through which Germans are looking for WG and single-person apartments. Must be viewed in German or English. Since many people are looking for a new apartment, the competition is very high and it is very common that one recruitment have hundreds of applications.

Please patiently message many recruiters to find a WG.

If it is your first time to live in Germany, we highly recommend to check the resident registration is possible or not.

How to find a single-person apartment

Immobilienscout24 has information about apartments for singles and apartments to share with several people. Here, a real estate company posts property information directly on this website.

Also, the competition is very high, and viewing for apartment is often done by the group-viewing.

Unfortunately, the landlord decides who to rent out from the many applications, so it is difficult to have a rental agreement if you are a foreigner who does not speak German.

Go to Immobilienscout24

Apply for electricity and Gas, Internet

In Germany, electricity, gas and water fee are often included in the rent and you do not need to apply for it when you move in WG.

When you move in apartment alone and start to flat sharing with your friends in new apartment, you often have to apply for the utilities.
Depending on the apartment, only electricity or gas may be charged separately, so apply as necessary.

The situation of Internet in Germany

Germany has done little to lay fiber optic cables like its neighbors did 10 years ago.

According to the Speed Test Global Index's Internet communication speed ranking, the average speed of German communication lines is 33rd in the world with fixed broadband connection and 47th in mobile connection,
Internet situation in Germany is not very good.

In 2017, the German Federal Network Agency stated that further fiber cable investment would be required to meet targets of German governmnt.

The best internet provider in Germany

Three major providers are popular in Germany. Above all, 1 & 1 is very cheap and is popular with foreigners starting a new life in Germany.

As mentioned, the Internet situation in Germany is not good compare to other developed countries.
Paying a expensive fee doesn't improve your internet speed, so you should choose cheap one. 1 & 1 is an Internet provider with around 9 million customers due to cheap usage fees and is the fastest growing Internet provider among the major providers.

Many major providers have mandatory contract terms but not 1 & 1. This is one of reason 1&1 is getting most popular interent provider in Germany.

Universities and tuition in Germany

There are public and private universities in Germany.

They are usually divided into universities, technical colleges as well as colleges of art and music. In Germany, University students does not have to pay any tuition or the tuition is very cheap.

Search for University and study programs

There are 15,000 Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes in Germany. 

 Higher Education Compass is a website provide you perfect information for degree programes, subject areas, areas of specialisation. If you are not sure to what you want to study or where you study, please search there.

Go to  Higher Education Compass
Compare universities in Germany

CHE university ranking provides you a valuable information for choosing the right subject and the right university. 

The results of the ranking are based on facts and judgments from around 150,000 students and 9,000 professors.

Go to  CHE ranking

Language schools in Germany

There are many language schools to study German in Germany.

There are four levels of German language learning, A1 to C2, and you can choose the course according to your level. Learning German is useful for getting a job in a German company or for applying for a marriage visa when marrying a German.

Search for German courses

Goethe-Institut is the Federal Republic of Germany’s cultural institute, active worldwide. We promote the study of German abroad and encourage international cultural exchange. You can find German courses in Germany online very easy.

Go to  Goethe-Institut

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