You would like to study, live or work in Germany or are you already here? Wonderful! We are very happy about that!
We would like to help you!

Why Easy to Germany?


Easy to Germany bundles through your partner expertise, so that you can be offered the best possible advice and opportunities. We stand behind our recommendations and also have the specialists in the background.


Easy to Germany is owned by a Germany based insurance agency that is strictly controlled by the German authorities to protect consumers.

You can check the authorizations of the German authorities via the register of intermediaries.

Here you will find the registry:

 Insurance agency Stieger and is officially registered as an insurance agency ERGO, as a bonded insurance agent acc. Section 34d (4) of the Gewerbeordnung.

You can order at: (Reg. No. D-8GPN-4EEN9-05) at Dt. Chamber of Industry and Commerce (DIHK) e.V., Breite Straße 29, 10178 Berlin, Telephone 030/203080 under the website www.vermittlerregister.info


In Germany, only specialists, insurance companies and financial services are allowed to mediate.
Easy to Germany also attaches particular importance to ensuring that its employees receive ongoing training so that they receive the best possible advice. We also have the specialists for different topics!

Fast and uncomplicated online system

With Easy to Germany, you can easily complete your insurance application using the online form. Our system automatically transfers your data to the complicated insurance application forms. After our review of the data you can get your insurance in no time.


Easy to Germany enables you to complete your matter easily via different platforms in the online process, to get free advice. It does not matter whether at home, in coffee or traveling or where you are. Just use Whatsapp, Facebook, Wechat, Twitter or our website.


Easy to Germany is constantly trying to explain complex issues easily and creates the ability to create communication in different languages, so you can find your way around faster. Likewise, we are accessible to you with different media, so you can easily do everything from home.

time saving

Many matters usually have to be self-made! Easy to Germany takes over many of these ways through its innovative online system and facilitates the necessary process. Among other things, these are necessary reports from authorities and health insurance companies with the associated confirmations, consultations in the online process, completion options in the online process. And much more.

What is Easy to Germany doing?

Easy to Germany sees itself as a partner with a focus on visa matters, insurance and finance and everyday issues. But this is about much more, because we stand for you to facilitate the integration and to be helpful and to be there for you in the long term.

Important! This consulting service is free for you.

Why Easy to Germany?

Easy to Germany sees itself as an agency for all who live here in Germany or want to come.

Entering Germany to study or work

On these pages you will find information on various topics that will enable you to quickly find your way around and to obtain a simple processing of your necessary health insurance confirmation for the entry visa and the necessary papers for your residence permit here in Germany. For this purpose, an automatic application process was generated, which then provides you with all necessary documents automatically and allows comparisons with the different partner health insurance companies.


Here you will find search functions and assistance for living and studying in Germany as well as explanations and assistance for the visa preparation.


Here you will find the different solutions for your health insurance with the necessary visa application documents.

…live in Germany

On these pages, you will find information on various insurance topics that will help you find your way around quickly and easily handle the application process! For this purpose, an automatic application process has been generated, which allows you to easily complete your insurance.

Insurance topics with explanations

Here you will find the individual insurance topics and explanations.

Insurance applications by topic

Here you will find all insurance applications by topic

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