Student Visa

- How to get it easier

Tips to get a student visa easier

Visa and passport

Students from abroad who want to study at a German university will consider applying for a student visa.
And you will apply for a student visa at German embassy in your country.

It takes several months for your visa to be issued.

Because German embassy in your country must wait for that your university in Germany send an admission notice to the german government and the german government permit you to enter the university in Germany.

But you have to enter in Germany before beginning of semester, so you must prepare very early.
However, it is really stressful to wait and not very sure if you can enter or not.

Thus we highly recommend to apply for 'Student Applicant Visa' first then change your visa in Germany.

What is Student Applicant Visa?

The student applicant visa is a permission for short stay for foreign students who has applied university or language school and confirmed as prospective student. It is same as schengen visa.

You can stay in Germany up to 9 months and you can change to student visa as long as you get a permission to study in your university.
However you can not have working contracts.

All documents required
for a student visa

Basically, you can apply with the following documents.

please check with the German embassy in your country as additional documents may be required.

  1. 2 photos for passport size
  2. Valid passport and 2 copies (The passport must not be older than 10 years and must still be valid for at least 1 year)
  3. 2 photos for passport size
  4. Declaration Form for schengen visa
  5. Application form for schengen visa
  6. An admission notice for German universities and language schools (Original and 2 copies)
  7. A proof of sufficient funds during your stay in Germany (Original and 2 copies)
    One of the following:

    - Scholarship certificate

    - Certificate of bank balance of the account in the name of you with the required amount

    - Certificate that your family promises financial assistance while you stay in Germany

    - Proof of opening a closed account (Sperrkonto / blocked account) with a deposit of at least 853 per month for the entire stay. (Example: In the case of one year, 10,236 euros must be paid)

    * Please check German embassy in your country since they may not accept all.
  8. Visa issued fee : around 75€
  9. Health insurance certificate during your stay in Germany

Where you can apply

Perfect Insurance
for Master and
Bachelor students

happy family at the park

German law states that all citizen in Germany has to be insured by health insurance.
You must be insured during your stay in Germany as student applicant.

Most of cases, you have to be insured by 'Public health insurance' when you apply for university.
So students from abroad often apply for public health insurance in Germany.

However if you apply for the public health insurance, the coverage starts the beggining of your semester.
It means you are not be insured by any health insurance until the beggining of semester.

It is a violation of the law and, you can be forced expulsion in the worst case.
Hence, you have to apply for private health insurance till the beggining of semester.


If you apply for the public health insurance through us, an insurance agency with an agreement with Easy to Germany will be your guarantor officially. If you have a guarantor in Germany, you are exempt from obligation to join insurance for an interval till the coverage period of public health insurance begins.

So you do not need to apply for private insurance.

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